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Veet Product Review

This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 

If you have normal skin, this is the right Veet for you. What’s more, its superior formulation with double moisturizer complex will remove hair in just 3 minutes for a sexy, smooth you!


Veet normal skin comes with special skincare ingredient – Lotus milk, which is known for its skin softening and calming properties.

Plus it comes with the pleasant floral fragrance of jasmine- unlike the unbearable odour of ordinary hair removal creams.

veet for normal skin Veet Hair Removal Cream. Its amazingly effective formula with Moisturiser Complex now contains twice the moisturisers*. It works in 3 minutes** to leave your skin smooth, effectively moisturised and luxuriously soft. And you'll get less prickly stubble.
Developed with Lotus Milk for normal skin. 

Uncap the magic of Veet- for normal skin and in no time at all- you are out of the door- feeling smooth and confident to take on the world!

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Aloe Vera Bath Product Review

i love taking bath with aloe vera products because it soften up  the skin and soothes and dry itchiness i have. 

One of my favorite aloe bath products to use in my bath is the Lily of the Desert Organics  Aloe Vera Bubble Bath.The ingredients in this bubble bath are naturally from organic ingredients so I do not have to bother about my autoimmune disease and allergies are flaring up. 
bubble bath
lily of the desert organics aloe vera bubble bath comes from a bottle,it is easily to use because is not too thick,is a form of smells good like sweet fruit rose flower smell.

ingrediants use in the bubble bath are coconut oil, aloe Vera, Shea butter, glycerin, vitamins, minerals, chamomile, rosemary and apples .these ingrediants for good for skin .they are also nourishing and moisturising.after applying my skin is glowing instead of dulness and dry

I will say Lily of the Desert Organics Aloe Vera Bubble Bath is good   use to  children of all ages. I will also say this is an excellent bubble bath for both sexes. I do think this bubble bath is affordable depending on where you get it. I do hope those of you who try this aloe bubble bath will enjoy it as much as I am. I wish you all a relaxing bath to help calm the mind, ease the body and uplift the spirit 

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body care tips

There are lots of reasons to appreciate, even cherish for the body you have. For one thing, accepting yourself is a lot more fun, and wastes away less time, than constantly consuming over what you don’t like, don’t have etc. Your body is yours, uniquely yours, to use, take care of, and to treasure. Your mind rules your body, so learn simple ways to keep your body in line! You don’t need to diet to lose weight and maintain it. In fact 99% of dieters regain what they lost and gain even more weight. Instead of useless and frustrating diet, try simple, research-proven tips for keeping slim, trim and well.

But there is a healthy way of doing it without letting it adversely affect your daily life. On the contrary, it should make you look and feel better enabling you to feel more confident and positive.

  • Apply coconut oil with lemon juice and olive oil to remove dandruff.
  • Use castor oil for hair growth. Egg white with curd is best conditioner for hair.
  • For shiny hair wash it with tea.
  • Massage with mixture of olive oil & lemon juice at night daily.
  • Use egg white as hand/feet mask to make the skin tight & avoid wrinkles.
  • Do regular manicures/pedicures.
  • Eat spinach and use rose water (as eye drop) to prevent various eye problems.
  • Apply paste of almond and milk under the eyes.
  • Place slices of raw cucumber or potato over closed eyes for dark circles.
  • Apply mixture of egg white and honey to remove skin tanning.
  • Honey, lemon and vegetable oil is a good moisturizer fro dry skin.
  • Cucumber juice with milk acts as a very good cleanser

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VLCC Shape Up Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Oil Product Review

VLCC Shape Up Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Oil

Based on the goodness of Ayurveda,  VLCC Shape Up Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Oil Product Reviewis made with herbal and vegetable extracts.
VLCC Shape Up Hips, Tights & Arms Shaping Oil has been specially made  to remove cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.
It is non greasy, easy and simple  to apply and gets absorbed quickly. It makes skin smooth and soft  and gives  the body's glow  look with awesome visible results within 14 days

  • Beautiful arms and legs just 14 days
  • Clinically Tested Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Say Goodbye to cellulite
  • Reduces Flab & Firms skin

In a research conducted by an independent clinical research agency on varying age groups, the volunteers witnessed the following results.

  Average Good Excellent
Change in skin texture
7% 23% 70%
Reduction in circumference of thigh
16% 68% 16%

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